Monday, 11 April 2011

Dr Who

I know in the scheme of things the new Dr Who series is being promoted and advertised all over the place.  However we just saw an advert for it on Harry and Charlies videos.  As both Harry and Charlie are big fans this feels like a wonderful moment :)

Harry and Charlie - Political Stance

 This blog was started as much as a response to people watching our clips as anything else.  So many comments left on YouTube are done in a discourteous, are purely subjective or don't take into account any views at all.  There are other occasions people leave statements worth discussing.

Dear Harry and Charlie,
They are shooting ppl in Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia ---and US n France are biased for Libya and Ivory coast only....
Let's support the peace not the particular countries that pursue the US and French interests........
I wish your naturalistic video could bring peace to every country..