Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Vampire Bats

What sort of a story for 5 year old mentions a poster of vampire bats and then expects the child receiving the story not to ask what they are.  I would just like let everyone know that it is hard enough explaining what a vampire is without scaring them let alone having to explain it to Charlie .......

Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Eight Times Table

The Eight times table is proving difficult for Harry.  Hopefully after this weekend he is a lot closer to remembering it.  I can't believe he had arrays as maths homework.  As long as he never has to do metrices.  I never saw the point of them and have never used them.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Cadburys Instant Drinking Chocolate - A word of warning

Oh I laughed the other night when I got home from work.  Shelley (Harry, Charlie and Jasper's mum) had called up Cadburys to complain about their instant drinking chocolate.

Perhaps a little history first.  When we go to France in the summer we tend to buy the same drinking chocolate and the boys have hot chocolate before bed and with breakfast.  Over the cold winter months they have also been having hot chocolate with breakfast so it is pretty much norm now in the household.

Well we ran out of the French drinking chocolate and we had bought some Cadburys instant drinking chocolate.  Note the name has 'instant' in it.

Shelley had complained to Cadburys that it took her 100 stirs for each drink, so that is hardly instant.  Making three cups at breakfast and perhaps more during the day could add up to 1000's of stirs.

I just thought it was worth pointing out how complicated and different our life is  :)  I think I laughed the most imagining her counting the stirs :)

I suppose I should also point out that Cadburys believed our product to be faulty and sent a credit to us.  This post is in no way a criticism of Cadburys unless you have a dodgy batch of instant drinking chocolate and three children who you need to get to school in the morning.