Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

We now have the box set of the first six films and the boys have just finnished watching the first one. They loved it, but it is a shame they will not be able to watch all of them as they would be a bit scary for them.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Enjoying the snow and the last day of Advent

We have all been a bit busy enjoying the snow and he run up to Christmas. Harry and Charlie went to see Aladdin (pantomime) yesterday. We had a late night walk in the snow (which I did get the video camera out for) but I am not sure if anything I took will be worth posting. Right now Harry, Charlie and Jasper are playing with the wooden train set which makes a lovely change from the Wii. Hopefully Santa will visit each of the boys tonight.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Charlie Bit My Finger - 50 Greatest Viral Videos - Current TV

Watch a clip from this weeks 50 Greatest Viral Videos - Current TV Sky 183 and Virgin Media 155 - Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th December 6pm

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Woman Magazine December 2009 - Article

Hi, there is an article about the family and the clip in Woman magazine this month. Given by Shelley (Harry, Charlie and Jasper's mum). It is out today.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

50 Greatest Viral Videos - Current TV Sky 183 and Virgin Media 155 - Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th December 6pm

The boys will be featured in this show. It is the first show where the boys are interviewed in their own right. I have not seen the final cut but it should be good. Hopefully you will also see a special guest appearance.


50 Greatest Viral Videos

Current TV Sky 183 and Virgin Media 155.

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th December 6pm.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Working with Harry and Charlie

Working with Harry and Charlie - a small insight into the only partially scripted things we do. I ask the same questions a few times but the answers are usually different if I get answers at all.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Harry and Charlie are on Twitter

The idea is that Harry and Charlie can update the status themselves. Lets see how it works :)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

An exhausting weekend at CenterParcs

Harry, Charlie and Jasper have just got back from a very exhausting two days at CenterParcs. Charlie seemed to get over his fear of waves and slides. Jasper got excited about swimming although you also got a great cuddle while holding him in the pool. We were not impressed with the rain but the fireworks and the people in The Pancake House were great.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Charlie Bit My Finger - Why Online Video Marketing means Businesses Can Learn From A Three Year Old

Charlie Bit My Finger - Why Online Video Marketing means Businesses Can Learn From A Three Year Old

Don't talk about it. Just Read it!

We were having a great Kipper bed time story the other night. Harry had come up to listen to it as well which was nice, so Charlie cuddled in from one side and Harry from the other. Anyway it was the story about Kipper's Birthday and in it Kipper gets confused with the days. He sends out cards he made yesterday, today, with the words tomorrow thinking he had sent them out yesterday (it's only confusing because I wrote it that way). I was trying to explain the difference of yesterday, today and tomorrow in relation to today and tomorrow but Charlie had enough. "Don't Talk About It. Just Read It!" Very well put Charlie, we can save all this for Another Day!

Sunday, 22 November 2009


Harry and Charlie are spending a few days enjoying the company of their god-father who is visiting from the US for a few days.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Walk in the country

We all went for a walk today, not that we all felt up to it. Anyway we had a great time until the rain came down.

Harry's quote of the day
Q: Why are the trees over there green not brown [pointing to trees in the next valley] like the trees over here?
A: It's not Autumn over there!

Charlie's quote of the day
Mummy, mummy, mummy ..
-- Interuption ---
Mummy, Daddy, did you ...
-- Interuption --
Daddy, what did ...
-- Interuption --
I don't know what I am saying now

Jasper enjoying everything as ever.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Cat in the Hat

Harry had a 'dress up as your favourite book character' today. Last year it was The Sea Monster. This year Harry has enjoyed reading 'The Cat in the Hat' Dr Seuss.

On top of everything he was ill at the beginning of the week with a temperature and seems to have picked up a cold now. He is being brave.

Monday, 16 November 2009


Harry, Charlie and Mum in Brill just as the sun was setting

If you want to know more about Brill go here;

Kanye and Charlie AUTO TUNED! - Harry and Charlie's reaction

We love it.

Any YouTube title with an exclamation mark is great anyway :)

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

London Science Museum

Harry and now Charlie love the Science Museum in London (Jasper was loving the water play area in the basement) . During half term we spent the day there. We also went to the IMAX to see the 3D film about three flies going to space 'Fly me to the Moon'. Unfortunately somehow I messed up and we ended up being in the earlier showing of Deep Sea 3D which Charlie found a bit scary. After five minutes he spent the time with his head burrowed away on my chest. Luckily the staff were very good and let us stay for the correct showing. I don't think we spent enough time in Launchpad for Harry but the Pattern Pod went down very well this visit.

The bubble show was good. Harry managed to get himself put in a very big bubble and I managed to take a photo just at the right time.

At least the boys kept the other tube passengers entertained who with the exception of a couple who kept staring straight on were all laughing at the boys antics

I guess we are just lucky that the boys are not recognised (very often)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Covent Garden Photo

To the people who tried to covertly take a photo of the boys in Covent Garden on Sunday.

Had you asked I am sure we would have let you take a proper one.

I was taking the boys to the Lion King in case you were interested.

Confusion this week

Apologies for anyone coming to our pages over the last couple of days. Due to a rather juvenile (funny how when you misspell Juvenile the spell checker suggests Journalist) article in a paper I was rather upset at how a sad individual could corrupt an otherwise honest and innocent story. I decided to take my videos down until I had all the relevant facts. I should also say they originally Google had been identified as supplying un-truths, however it turned out to be all the creations of the writer.

This is why we disappeared from YouTube search and the honours lists. It was all of my doing not Google's

Anyway to sum up. A writer wrote a story and poured in all their self loathing and cynicism of the world (which he also did with me on the phone behind an awkward chuckle). On top of that, he lied and reported on sensitive information about my children. Maybe I am going over the top a little here as actually if you read the article as a non-important page filler you would perhaps not see the same things in it I see and you might even think it was positive. However if you know the story as intimately as I do and had been involved with the writer on the phone you would understand that actually he subtly (I think I could be accused of saying the writer was clever by being subtle but every subtle point was simply a twisting of the truth) reinforced the position he had taken before he decided to write the story which was then reinforced through the article. However he needed to finish with something stronger, which he didn't have, so he lied.

I suppose for the rest of us having your boss correct your story the next day publicly would be embarrassment enough but I expect he would give as much concern to it as he does every time he makes up a story.

I shall not name the paper or the person involved as quite frankly I am sure they would get a kick out of it. In addition the paper says they are investigating it.

Needless to say it has been the only story where someone posing as a journalist has tried to distort and corrupt the facts as completely anywhere in the world to my knowledge.

I shall follow up this post in the not too distant future with more details to why this was important to me.

The article in question was NOT;
The Sydney Morning Herald
Thanks Stephen
Happy to add any others links if anyone is unsure, but it was a UK publication.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Under One Million to go

Yesterday was a very exciting day. We closed on Number 2 spot and now the zeros are falling off the difference almost every hour. However we are also less than one million from number one spot. I am not sure how this all makes us feel really but it is exciting

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Calendar Competition 2010 - Question Video

Here it is. The video has taken me far longer to produce than I planned but I think it is worth it. Enjoy

Monday, 12 October 2009

Sample Competition Entry Form - cut and paste with your answers

Subject: Calendar Competition


Question 1: AMCE Camera Company
Question 2a: Clowns Feet
Question 2b: Daddy
Question 2c: Saturn
Question 3: It starts to rain
Question 4: a
Question 5: d
Question 6: Harry
Question 7: A cheese cake
Question 8: Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines

Region: South America

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Exciting Number Sequence

Today is one of those exciting moments with the number of hits

Number 1 Clip 127Million
Number 2 Clip 126Million
Harry and Charlie 125Million

Of course there is also the matter of a few hundred thousand within the numbers, but this sequence was always going to make me smile.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Filming for TV

Whenever someone contacts us regarding the boys clip we need to sign a contract saying we will not talk about the particular show/news story/newspaper article so the pictures have also been smudged a little to hide any logos and crew.

I guess we will never get over the novelty that people are actually that interested in the boys and the story of the clip that they want to come and talk to us and film. I also think that is a good thing.

I thought I would share with you a couple of pictures showing what it is like.

It is amazing how long the setup takes and how much of an intrusioin into our lives the whole process is. I am not complaining about that, it is just the way it works out. Luckily the people who come to see us are always lovely to work with and we all enjoy it, this time around they were jumping oin the trampoline with the boys and throwing freebies in the back garden . I probably would not say that if it happened too often, but that is another reason I turn down more than we do.

One of the best things about it is we get some lovely footage of the boys, taken with professional kit and people which will be with us forever.

You probably did spot it but the in case you didn't the chair the boys are in is the THE Chair they are in for the original clip.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

e.coli and camping

I suppose regular bloggers set aside time to blog. Whereas when we get the opportunity to sit down and relax the last thing we think about is writing up 'interesting' things we have been doing.

The last month has been a roller-coaster of illness and last few weeks of summer holidays, not to mention a few other things. Harry and a few friends visited the farm which was at the centre of the e.coli outbreak in the UK.

Of course when he became ill we were unaware of the seriousness of the situation as nothing had been reported and initially the symptoms for us were pretty much the same as any tummy bug. On top of that Charlie and Jasper became ill as well. The long and the short of it was that by the time they were all tested none of them still had e.coli in their systems and may never have had it but they were all a lot better in themselves. We are sure Harry did have it.

It is such a shame that we are all now going to overreact about petting farms and most will probably close because the children love them. If only the government had acted quicker and taken decisive action we would not have the extremes that are now going on in the press and general opinion.

One weekend (while Harry was still being sick although we did not know it until bed time) we went camping quite localy to where we live. Having a 'what's that noise' Charlie sleeping one side and a very recently sick Harry the other was not a position I would have willingly put myself into out of choice. However the night passed peacefully, the boys had a great time climbing, flying kites, playing, swinging, running etc.

Jasper and mummy were very sensible and stayed at home

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Charlie Bit Me - Driving Jasper

Sorry for not adding any updates for a while. We are simply all busy as a family

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Glamping July 2009

Glamping July 2009 - Devon

learning about the dangers and benefits of fire

Cover from the rain to eat dinner

That is MY stick

'Pebbles' by Charlie

It was raining anyway and the sea is bracing

The end of the road - peace and harmony for a moment

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Charlie Bit Me - YouTube Numbers

Hello everyone

I know most of you here on Facebook are friends and do not represent the 'How did it get so many hits' people on YouTube, however I thought I would share some stats that
I have collected over the year and not given out before.

I started recording at the beginning of 2009 to see when we would overtake the number 1 place in the UK and have kept on going for interest every few weeks.

01/01/09 06/07/09 Gain
Avril 111,871,706 121,517,550 9,645,844
Evolution 108,863,441 122,333,226 13,469,785
Charlie Bit 72,952,177 106,247,792 33,295,615
(Dates are in UK format DD/MM/YY)

perhaps more interesting for those who call the clip ‘old’

28/06/09 06/07/09 Gain
Avril 121,192,797 121,517,550 324,753
Evolution 121,965,406 122,333,226 367,820
Charlie Bit 104,722,696 106,247,792 1,525,096

Checking the various numbers I have, these are representative of the last year.

I have been looking at some of the other clips in the top 20 and Miley Cirus and Lady Gaga do get views close to Charlie Bit Me, but not that close :)

Of course all this means the clip could get to number one. On the other hand that does not matter and it’s been fun.

I am planning to do another Charlie, Harry and Jasper calendar this year :)

Monday, 6 July 2009

Paddling in the Thames - July 2009

Paddling in the Thames - July 2009

A lovely lazy bike ride along the river and some paddling - life does not get much better when you are a child.


Sunday, 14 June 2009

Iranian Democracy

Just to say to any of you who read this once your social networking sites are restored. Good luck with your democracy. I have had some lovely notes from people in Iran. All the best.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Horse Riding

Harry and Charlie discovered they enjoy horse riding more than football today.

thanks to Pony Riders who I think the boys persuaded to giving them an extra go.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Australian Radio Interview - LightFM

We were interviewed on Radio yesterday in Australia. Probably the best interview we have had to date.

The recording can be found here;


Monday, 1 June 2009

Trip to France - Cite de la Voile Eric Tabarly

First the bad of the holiday -well it is not really bad but a tad annoying. We visited Lorient and went to;

Cite de la Voile Eric Tabarly

an interactive sailing museum. Everyone was very friendly, the boys enjoyed sailing the remote control yachts, it was fun to lower the sails and steer a racing yacht, the entry point was very special with all the screens etc.

However the boys really wanted to climb the tower and look around. The very nice man at the tourist office in Lorient gave us such a great description we thought it was worth paying the entry price to have a look around. However the tower was closed. I very nice security guard told us (after he asked us very nicely to stop running) that the tower basically closed because it was not safe. So it gets a Harry and Charlie thumbs down (Charlie is trying to find his thumbs). A thumbs down is really far too harsh, but I had two upset boys on the drive home who did not understand why a tower should be closed after I spent ages telling them how cool it would be. So if you don't have a Harry and a Charlie, even without the tower in operation this was a good place to visit).

If the tower was open this place would be a great place for anyone interested in water, and we all know how much Harry and Charlie like water.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Help me make a clip please


I am looking for some contributions for a new video to be hosted on HDCYT. It is a collaboration clip.

All I am looking for is a short clip of you, your friends, your family, your grandparents, anyone really with the subjects saying ‘because I watch it’ or ‘because we watch it’ in what ever style you like. The clip you send should not be more than 4 seconds and please allow a little space either side of the speaking part to allow me overlay another clip. If you prefer to say something other than because I watch it, for example ‘because we watch it all the time’, or ‘because I love Harry’ or ‘because it’s great’ etc I will try and incorporate those too.

I am after clips with a diversity of ages and locations. I am happy for the clip to be in your native language but I will have to verify that you are actually saying ‘because I watch it’ :)

I would prefer it is the clip is light and bright and as good quality as you can. If you submit a clip you are doing so with permission for me full rights to use it and add it to other clips of the same to make another Harry and Charlie clip.

Please send your clips to

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Cheap Shot Critic

We saw a small article in a paper today the Daily Mail on Saturday. A journalist, Paul Connolly, who got a pretty cheap two column article looking and writing about some YouTube clips with a Susan Boyle headline. I shall quote the whole byline to the Harry and Charlie clip “Charlie bit my finger – again. One small child – Charlie – bites another slightly less small child’s finger. Twice. Quite why this video has nearly 100 million hits is beyond us. Is it because Charlie looks a bit like Johnny Vegas?”

Not sure why we got a red box round the image and text but I am sure someone does.

While I don’t usually mind any non offensive comments, based on the thousands of wonderful messages I get from people I know the fact he does not understand the draw of the clip is certainly not a deficiency with the clip. I doubt Paul bothered to read a page or more of comments and certainly believe his comments are far more significant to the world than yours. I did notice that the majority of his positive comments were about animal clips and when we won the RudeTube 2008 programme I received quite a few comments from the Ninja Cat and other animal clips supports saying how much better those clips were. There defiantly seems to be a child / animal divide :)

I have put this blog entry together to say; I believe any one of your comments has a far higher value than Paul’s could ever have.

What has surprised me is the response I have had from parents writing down the words from their children because they can’t spell to parents, parents of parents and parents of parents of parents. It amazes me the clip can touch such a large cross section and from all over the world across boundaries and religions.

Thanks to you all on behalf of Harry, Charlie and Jasper.


Sunday, 26 April 2009

Trampoline and Paddling in the Thames

Harry and Charlie have had a very busy weekend. Swimming, and teampolining - although we took a little time out to paddle in the Thames. Perhaps some more interesting updates soon.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Video Review

Jasper surpassed himself today and I managed to get it on video. I have also checked through a couple of months of video and we should have some more clips soon. Perhaps a clip of Charlie singing may make it.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Charlie Bit Me on BBC Radio 4

One of the ideas around creating the blog was to record the use of the clip. On Monday night at 21:00 there is a programme on Radio 4 'Costing the Earth' which is using the Charlie Bit Me clip. I believe the programme is talking about relative costs of things and there impact on our environment. While the clip is simply being used as an example from which to gain statistics it is still quite exciting being on such a grown up channel.

Legoland School Holidays

We seem to spend all the time taking the boys from one thing to the next at the moment. I think Harry would say he enjoyed Legoland the most this week. After some initial trepidation I think Charlie would too.

Just before Driving School

Friday, 10 April 2009

Big Cycling Day for Harry and Charlie

Today Harry finally went without stabilisers and Charlie moved onto the training bike (with stabilisers). Anyway Harry went off without a problem and no crashes. Charlie was not so lucky and decided the shrubberies along our road looked like good places to fall into.

Harry and Charlie also had a visit from their second cousins Ella and Max with one of their friends Harriet.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Day Trip Today for Harry and Charlie

Location : Turville, Buckinghamshire.
Interesting Features : The windmill from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is on the hill here.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Beach Today

Nothing like building sandcastles and getting your feet wet and sandy

As it turned out the weather was great if a bit breezy, hence the fleeces with swimming shorts

Location: Bognor Regis with Rachel and Ian

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Harry and Charlie Featured on Japanese TV this week

Hello, to all who are in Japan or can get Japanese TV there is a feature on Harry and Charlie

Of course I will not be able to see it until I am posted a copy, and then I will not be able to understand it, but I do know the questions I answered and did a interview over Skype last weekend.

3rd April, JST 0:30-0:40 "scoop contribution DO images"
6rd April, JST 6:40-6:50 "Good Morning Japan"

I don't always have knowledge of when shows go out, so enjoy.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A Quick Easter Competetion - Closed see note

So many people have voted on the poll, thanks for that.

Harry is giving away a couple of eggs he has decorated ready for Easter. Whilst these may not be the best prize you may ever win, hopefully they are pretty good for a Harry fan. If you don't celebrate Easter then they are simply decorated shiny eggs.

Please add a comment to this post with a short description of the place that you live any why Harry should visit it (town or country it does not matter) and Harry will select the two winners.

Please do not leave any personal details. I will contact the winner and ask for a postal address. So please make sure that if you are under 18 you tell your parents that you have left a comment and that if you win you need to give out your address

Monday, 30 March 2009

A frequent question. Do we get recognised much?

Here was something funny which happened at the weekend. We arrived early for Charlie's football practice. Harry comes along to help Charlie.
Coach Rich is teaching the boys. We arrived a little early and I had a quick chat with Coach Rich before the others arrived. Coach Rich taught Harry a couple of years ago, is now teaching Charlie, has seen the clip on YouTube, the interview of Richard and Judy and yet he did not see Harry and Charlie as "Harry and Charlie".

As he said when you know people you are less likely to see them as 'famous'. However I must stress we do not see ourselves as famous. Perhaps this is also more of a British thing anyway.

Anyway, thanks to coach Rich for teaching the boys. Especially thanks as he has his own Charlie.

I don't think either boy will be playing for their country, however they do enjoy a good run around.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

The goodies wear white and the badies wield red lightsabers

There are hundreds of ways a 5 year old can make you proud, for that matter your child at any age. However yesterday while trying to explain why the goodies do not always win, not to trust people simply because they want you to like them, and sometimes right and wrong can be only the difference of opinion I discovered that Harry's first few words he can spell are 'Harry', 'Charlie' and


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Charlie Bit Me enjoyed in Burma

What makes the effort put into 'Web 2.0 Harry and Charlie' worthwhile?
Your letters

This is another of the reasons I started a blog, so I could share the thoughts and comments from people who have take the time to share with me their experiences of 'Charlie Bit Me'. It is not my intention to build what we have into something it is not, simply to pass on other peoples feelings from around the world.

I do not think the clip will bring down military juntas, get warring neighbours talking to each other or bring peace and harmony to the world, but if it only goes a small way in showing people in different countries we can all share the same enjoyment and are basically the same then I will be very happy.

Dear Harry and Charlie,

I am from Burma but now studying in another country Since Youtube is banned in Burma, I had to save "Charlie bit me" in my P.C to share with my family and friends. When I went home last time, I showed them your gorgeous Vid and they enjoyed it alot and they totally in love with you guys. And my family never stop laughing. My parents always asked me to show it to everyone who visited our house. And I was really happy to see they were happy. Thank you very much for bringing joy to everyone. Last but not least, I pray that the Lord will bless you and your family abundantly.
Llove you and your family.

I have edited the content slightly to remove any personal information only

For more information on Burma go to;

I should also explain the title a little bit. Obviously spending time with my family is the most important thing that I could wish to do. However we do put a lot of time into the social networking face of the internet, i.e. YouTube, Facebook, now blogging etc. Time is mainly spent replying to people, keeping the sites child friendly etc.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Rude Tube - Series 1 Episode 5 - Children and Kids

I (Howard) finally got round to editing the video for our first appearance on Rude Tube. I hope you all like it. I have cut out my interview section in favour of collecting all the shots of the boys. It was a funny day, the boys would not sit still at the same time or answer questions, but the video used is classic Harry and Charlie. We came second to a comedy sketch with Will Farrell in this show. I will post the Rude Tube 2009 roundup show when I can.

Blogging and Playing

Welcome to Harry and Charlie's blog.

We have been thinking of doing something like this for a while, but I have always turned away from the idea as there was something missing, or at least there was not enough to included. The other day a very nice person from Olympus gave us a Olympus Mju 1050. It is designed for a tough life and putting it in the hands of Harry and Charlie is exactly what it will get. So content may not be written by the boys but the photos taken will be (as much as possible). We shall try and keep the Blog to views and interests of Harry and Charlie.

So what does a 5 and 3 year old get when they start taking their own photos;

Obviously Charlie started of with a photo of himself,

followed by Daddy