Thursday, 16 April 2009

Legoland School Holidays

We seem to spend all the time taking the boys from one thing to the next at the moment. I think Harry would say he enjoyed Legoland the most this week. After some initial trepidation I think Charlie would too.

Just before Driving School


  1. looks like you had a good time! :D i love the pictures, harry and charlie are both so adorable (: xoxo

  2. hello the three kiuutyy boyss...
    h&c's dad..i like your little childs faces...i like their face...esp,jasper&charlie..sometime,i confuse of charlie name...becaue in our msia,perhaps the name of charlie sometiems sound like too young than brother one..

    regards from me...luv u kids...hopefully will be succesfully growup and be a soleh mukmin's ok??
    from me alyaa'...malaysia...

  3. These babies are really cute. I saw their videos in Youtube, and they are so adorable!! Hello charlie! Dont bite your brother Harry again, ok? Hahahahaha

  4. Charlie & Harry look different from each other, terribly cute! :)

  5. charlie looks just his mum, doesnt he?