Sunday, 3 May 2009

Help me make a clip please


I am looking for some contributions for a new video to be hosted on HDCYT. It is a collaboration clip.

All I am looking for is a short clip of you, your friends, your family, your grandparents, anyone really with the subjects saying ‘because I watch it’ or ‘because we watch it’ in what ever style you like. The clip you send should not be more than 4 seconds and please allow a little space either side of the speaking part to allow me overlay another clip. If you prefer to say something other than because I watch it, for example ‘because we watch it all the time’, or ‘because I love Harry’ or ‘because it’s great’ etc I will try and incorporate those too.

I am after clips with a diversity of ages and locations. I am happy for the clip to be in your native language but I will have to verify that you are actually saying ‘because I watch it’ :)

I would prefer it is the clip is light and bright and as good quality as you can. If you submit a clip you are doing so with permission for me full rights to use it and add it to other clips of the same to make another Harry and Charlie clip.

Please send your clips to

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Cheap Shot Critic

We saw a small article in a paper today the Daily Mail on Saturday. A journalist, Paul Connolly, who got a pretty cheap two column article looking and writing about some YouTube clips with a Susan Boyle headline. I shall quote the whole byline to the Harry and Charlie clip “Charlie bit my finger – again. One small child – Charlie – bites another slightly less small child’s finger. Twice. Quite why this video has nearly 100 million hits is beyond us. Is it because Charlie looks a bit like Johnny Vegas?”

Not sure why we got a red box round the image and text but I am sure someone does.

While I don’t usually mind any non offensive comments, based on the thousands of wonderful messages I get from people I know the fact he does not understand the draw of the clip is certainly not a deficiency with the clip. I doubt Paul bothered to read a page or more of comments and certainly believe his comments are far more significant to the world than yours. I did notice that the majority of his positive comments were about animal clips and when we won the RudeTube 2008 programme I received quite a few comments from the Ninja Cat and other animal clips supports saying how much better those clips were. There defiantly seems to be a child / animal divide :)

I have put this blog entry together to say; I believe any one of your comments has a far higher value than Paul’s could ever have.

What has surprised me is the response I have had from parents writing down the words from their children because they can’t spell to parents, parents of parents and parents of parents of parents. It amazes me the clip can touch such a large cross section and from all over the world across boundaries and religions.

Thanks to you all on behalf of Harry, Charlie and Jasper.