Sunday, 27 May 2012

Never belive what other people want you to believe

For everyone that is trying to do something good you can guarantee there are a horde of people who are unable to be good and therefore do something far easier - be bad.

It is easier to destroy than construct, it is easier to criticise than do, it is easier to harm than heal.

It takes years to bring life into the world, to nurture, to grow to educate and ultimately for those people to give back in a positive way to society.  However some have such a low value to life they can kill in an instance.

The point of this post?  If you truly believe what you are doing is right, you are adhering to laws and you live within a positive environment there will be loads of people who would destroy what you have because they are unable to achieve anything good for themselves.  Sure there are those who find themselves in situations where they fall outside of many things we take for granted but not as many as would claim.

If you know all this then you will never be influenced by these destructive people.

I have seen so much rubbish in the papers and on the radio in recent months about society being unfair, people not being responsible for their own actions etc.  As I parent I am responsible for how my children turn out and behave, just as I am responsible for my own actions.  I do not expect society to keep me restrained with countless rules that ultimately take away my right to think for myself.

Those who write hateful comments or try and proliferate lies have every right to do so for all the above reasons.  Equally they are the lowest form of life as they have taken all the easy and negative choices in life.  I would be ashamed to be their parents or them.