Saturday, 28 August 2010

Monday, 23 August 2010

Viral Charts - Peeked in

LOL - just seen the Charlie Bit Me - Again! in the viral chart again  I thought only VEVO were in this now plus this chart has never been too keen on our vid either.  Position 20 for a limited time only  :)  It has been a long time since I have seen an entry here.

In a world dominated by huge marketing firms and even bigger spend to match we can be proud that something so simple, not manufactured for a target audience and so un-corporate is still being talked about.   I just wish all the other non-commercial videos submitted to YouTube would get a chance.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Jumping into the Pool

It took Charlie a couple of days to build up enough courage to jump into the Pool, but based on his level of confidence a couple of weeks before the holiday this step was huge.  Towards the end of the holiday he was jumping into the water for me to catch him without his swimming jacket.  Obviously I don't have any photos of that :)

 Harry did not have the same reservations this year and was jumping into the deep end without swimming jacket or goggles.

Jasper was still in his very early pool days however the last post had one of Jasper in the pool.  We moved from constant screaming on day one to quite smiling and a little laughing by the end of the holiday.

The photos were taken on sequence mode so I was getting about three shots a second and the new camera is performing beautifully.  I am getting action shots I have not quite been able to capture before :)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Jasper - and only Jasper

I hear what you are saying so here are some of Japser.  Having three children has its challenges especially when it comes to sharing your time and getting photos and videos of them individually.  Harry and Charlie are always making a noise in the background or wanting attention.  There are a few occasions I get Jasper alone or the others out of shot which is far easier with a still camera than a video camera :)

in the pool on holiday

climbing on holiday

a walk in the woods on holiday

We try and spend as much time with each but sometimes it's not possible for so many different reasons.

Jasper had a big day this week, he moved from his cot (a cot that has now served two generations and 7 children) to his starter bed (the same bed Harry and Charlie started out in).  He has still to work out he can get out in the morning.  I took a couple of photos which are lovely but it is of all three boys as we were all trying to coax Jasper into enjoying the whole experience, which seemed to work.

Last night we spent some time in the garden blowing bubbles and generally making a soapy mess.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Is the High worth the Low - Don't argue with gravity

I need to point out that the word used the most while playing on the swing was 'Higher'.  Harry knows all about gravitational forces Harry Discusses - Gravity.  Charlie took a little more convincing but soon understood their wonders.

Charlie's grin is being held in place by g-forces

Harry realised after a time it was not worth trying to lift his head

Sausage Roll

The idea was as simple as the executiuon however the results were not quite what Charlie expected.  Even when he wanted it done a second and third time :)

Monday, 2 August 2010

Swimming - A great day

Two weeks ago Charlie would not willingly go into a pool and scream if you carried him into out of his depth.  Now he is jumping in and swimming around the whole pool with his 'Konfidence' Jacket on.  Thanks to Kristy and the girls on his intensive swimming course last week :)

Things are not going so well with Jasper yet :(