Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Jasper - and only Jasper

I hear what you are saying so here are some of Japser.  Having three children has its challenges especially when it comes to sharing your time and getting photos and videos of them individually.  Harry and Charlie are always making a noise in the background or wanting attention.  There are a few occasions I get Jasper alone or the others out of shot which is far easier with a still camera than a video camera :)

in the pool on holiday

climbing on holiday

a walk in the woods on holiday

We try and spend as much time with each but sometimes it's not possible for so many different reasons.

Jasper had a big day this week, he moved from his cot (a cot that has now served two generations and 7 children) to his starter bed (the same bed Harry and Charlie started out in).  He has still to work out he can get out in the morning.  I took a couple of photos which are lovely but it is of all three boys as we were all trying to coax Jasper into enjoying the whole experience, which seemed to work.

Last night we spent some time in the garden blowing bubbles and generally making a soapy mess.


  1. Oh my God!
    Jasper looks so much like Charlie in the 2nd picture wait... AND in the last one WOW!

  2. You are lucky.
    You got so nice sons.
    I really like the pictures ;)

  3. Jasper is look much mature.

  4. Woooow, what a nice pictures. Jasper is so cute.

  5. such a long time no see Jasper.
    I think charlie is much more like his mother,
    and Jsper is like his father.
    Harry looks like his grandma.

  6. AWWWWW he's so adorable!!! I just want to squeeze him.

  7. Jaspers so cute. I wish I could meet him. How old is he? Check out my blog(s)

  8. Wow so cute <3 You have lovely kids <3