Monday, 29 November 2010

The Dangers of being inspired by Movies

Toy Story 3 has been a great hit in the house since we bought it last week, even with Jasper who is not bothered with the TV.  However we hired The Karate Kid (2010) at the weekend, Charlie was quite taken with all the moves.  This was good, bad and turned ugly.  Good because martial arts are a great life discipline.  Bad because Charlie started jumping around the house punching and kicking the air (everyone else got out of the way).  Then Ugly because he slipped on our wooden lounge floor while performing some kind of impromptu roundhouse kick letting his face take the impact on the floor.  After a little while of calming down and some TCP all was right in the world again.  Luckily as Charlie points, out his bruise only hurts when he touches it.  Funny how often it is touched :)

The photo does not do the bruise justice there are also a few scratches in there as well.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Where were we in London :)

Where were we?

I know, not many posts then a load together - well it all comes down to having a bit more time to get the camera out and help with the boys :) 

Roller Coaster Charlie

One rule we have when we go to a theme park the boys can go one any ride they want when they want as long as they do one ride we ask them to do.  Charlie was ready for the big Roller Coaster at Loegoland so that was his task of the day.  Funny thing was he was more scared with the tunnel part before the ride - it was dark and a little water involved.

We were at the front of the Dragon and this was our second ride on it.  The second part of the clip was on the smaller Roller Coaster next to the castle which we used as a test :)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Always sick on me

Funny how so many posts seem to come down to being ill.  Jasper was sick over me on Saturday afternoon.  Mummy was sick later on the same day.  Harry said he was feeling sick but wasn't.  Everyone went to bed with a bucket.  However on Sunday afternoon he was.  Charlie and I seemed to miss this particular bug, but oh no Charlie woke up about an hour again and was sick.  Everyone felt fine after being sick.  Fantastic.

None of this interrupted our Halloween :)