Sunday, 26 December 2010

Peter Pan Pantomime

Harry, Charlie and Jasper loved their outing to the theatre to see Peter Pan today.  Charlie really got into the 'It's behind you' and Jasper like the crocodile most.  Harry liked Tinker-bell the best.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Me Got Chicken Pox

Poor Jasper, he has spent the week covered in spots and sleepless nights.  The worst is over now and he is almost his usual self.  However Charlie slept in late this morning and looked very tiered tonight - looks like he is coming down with something.

This time tomorrow Santa will be close and the boys very excited, well they are already.  Charlie has his Christmas story ready for bed time tomorrow.  Jasper just likes talking to pictures of diggers or tractors.  Harry will be reading a Beat Quest book.

Nana and pops arriving tomorrow lunch time for a few days.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Harry, Charlie and Jasper do Star Wars

Decorating Ginger Bread with Rachel and Ian

Decorating ginger bread last weekend with Rachel and Ian. Rachel and Ian brought some round and we ended up the weekend all playing on The Beatles Rock Band. Charlie on Drums and Harry singing. All very entertaining.



Sunday, 5 December 2010

Harry's Birthday Party

Harry and about 24 other children spent an hour running round Laser Arena yesterday.  No injuries, lots of noise, and very low attrition rate due to exhaustion, being uncomfortable or scared..  Well done everyone

There were some amazing tactics being played for 7 year old children, although most of the time running around and shouting seemed to be the order of the day

Friday, 3 December 2010

Shreddies and Anchovies

The point of this blog was always to help keep a record of things that happen as the boys are growing up as well as write down the impact the boys clips have had.  Probably for the most part things were going to be insignificant but if I didn't write them down they would have been forgotten about it in a few weeks.

Tonight Jasper had a snack an hour before he went to bed.  His snack was a bowl of Shreddies and an anchovy.  I am not quite sure I have ever seen anything make me feel as uncomfortable as watching him spoon a mouth full of Shreddies into his mouth followed by an anchovy.

Harry and Charlie like anchovies as well.

Roman Soldier and a King

I just watched Harry leave the house with a Roman Soldier outfit and a sword in a bag.  I do hope he does not go and crucify any Christians - Not really the time of year for that to go unnoticed.  Also not something we would encourage.

Charlie on the other hand is a king this year