Sunday, 26 December 2010

Peter Pan Pantomime

Harry, Charlie and Jasper loved their outing to the theatre to see Peter Pan today.  Charlie really got into the 'It's behind you' and Jasper like the crocodile most.  Harry liked Tinker-bell the best.


  1. I'd like to congratulate on you on your beautiful boys! I just showed my dad the Charlie Bit Me video and he hasn't laughed that much in quite a while. His laugh is very welcomed after his 3 year ordeal with pulmonary fibrosis and 2 bilateral lung transplants that came with near death experiences. God bless you all xoxo

  2. Hi Anais

    We started this blog because of the comments we got from people who had watched the clip. It was a better way to communicate. Thanks for your comment and we are glad our moment was able to give some pleasurable moments at an otherwise difficult time. It would have been easy to remove the clip due to the negative comments people feel they have to leave sometimes. However I decided to ignore them and clean the site up regularly due to the higher number of lively personal messages. All the best for the future. Harry, Charlie, Jasper and their parents (who write this).

  3. Hi Charlie & Family,

    first I want to wish You all a very good Year 2011.

    I found Your Clip "Charlie bit my finger - again!" several days ago and watched it at least 20 times ;-)
    Yesterday I startet a Blog at and I posted Your Clip. I hope it is okay for you. If not, then tell me and I will delete it suddenly from the site.
    Here is the link:
    Best wishes from Germany

  4. Hi Sabine. We are always flattered when people enjoy the clip and especially when they want to write about it or share it with others. This is one of the reasons we started our blog. To share with others the kind of things people share with us. Thanks.