Friday, 3 December 2010

Shreddies and Anchovies

The point of this blog was always to help keep a record of things that happen as the boys are growing up as well as write down the impact the boys clips have had.  Probably for the most part things were going to be insignificant but if I didn't write them down they would have been forgotten about it in a few weeks.

Tonight Jasper had a snack an hour before he went to bed.  His snack was a bowl of Shreddies and an anchovy.  I am not quite sure I have ever seen anything make me feel as uncomfortable as watching him spoon a mouth full of Shreddies into his mouth followed by an anchovy.

Harry and Charlie like anchovies as well.


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  2. did jasper eat the anchovy whole or straight out of the bowl (hey that rhyme's XD) ? btw i dont like anchovies but i like catfish (mmmmm)

  3. A fresh de-boned anchovy without tail or head, a few minutes later he went of to bed. I do like to answer in the style of the question :) Everyone in the family loves anchovies. Charlie likes English mustard - all very strange.