Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

from two very tired boys who are struggling to stay awake

To a fabulous 2012 for everyone

Friday, 23 December 2011

Washing Machine Breakdown - ahhhhhhhhh!

There are not many things that fill us with dread more than the washing machine breaking down. (Well of course there are plenty but I hope you know what we mean).   Two days ago that is exactly what happened.  Not only that it flipped the breaker on our fuse box (consumer unit) and kept doing so.  Although that is another story because it took almost a day to discover it was just one part of the programme on the washing machine that was causing all the problems.

I order a new machine and two days later the replacement arrived.  Not much of a story but made into one because one of the men delivering the washing machine spotted the title of the video on our computer and mentioned it.  We then explained, hence;

The washing machine that broke down was a Bosch and to be fair it has lasted us about 8 years with at least two washes a day so I think it served us well.  A couple of years ago I changed the motor and reckoned it was not worth messing with this time, especially over Christmas when the need is high and getting it working was not a guarantee.  I could get a new one delivered next day if I sorted it out the same day.  I bought it from  I have used them a few times now and have always been happy with their service.  I always feel I should pass on good experiences.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Doctor Who Experience

Harry, Charlie and I went to the Doctor Who Experience today at Olympia (  

It was great to get up close and personal to a number of Daleks, Cybermen, all the other Doctor Who badies and goodies, inside of the Tardis and loads of other things.

There was an interactive part which the boys enjoyed - best not to give the details away

After that was an area to have your pictures super imposed on the Tardis

Here are the photo team :)

Sorry it's a bit blurry - so much back light

 If you are still not sure in the last area is a Dalek you can get in side and control