Friday, 20 August 2010

Jumping into the Pool

It took Charlie a couple of days to build up enough courage to jump into the Pool, but based on his level of confidence a couple of weeks before the holiday this step was huge.  Towards the end of the holiday he was jumping into the water for me to catch him without his swimming jacket.  Obviously I don't have any photos of that :)

 Harry did not have the same reservations this year and was jumping into the deep end without swimming jacket or goggles.

Jasper was still in his very early pool days however the last post had one of Jasper in the pool.  We moved from constant screaming on day one to quite smiling and a little laughing by the end of the holiday.

The photos were taken on sequence mode so I was getting about three shots a second and the new camera is performing beautifully.  I am getting action shots I have not quite been able to capture before :)


  1. WOW! You have a great camera! Nice shots of the kids. I enjoy seeing everything you put up. When they get older they will have pictures to look back at. Keep on taking pictures.

  2. 人生就像一顆核桃,必須敲破它,才會顯出他的內容。..................................................... ............

  3. I can see how functional is your camera! I wish I could have one toooo.
    Btw, Harry has grown taller and taller, hahaha.