Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sausage Roll

The idea was as simple as the executiuon however the results were not quite what Charlie expected.  Even when he wanted it done a second and third time :)


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  2. ounnn, why´s charlie so upset? cute lil´sausage roll

  3. it must be tasty.
    what happened to Harry's teeth?
    one missing!
    he started to grow permanent teeth!!!

  4. After he was rolled up he didn't like having his arms held tight to his body. Oh yes, he last lost three in total now :) He lost a front one on holiday. This picture was a couple of days before he lost it but you can still see a gap where all the movement was going on

  5. that's really hilarious~
    i've rolled up like this when i was young too!
    poor charlie, he didn't seem to enjoy being a sausage roll~

    i love your boys~~they're so gorgeous~

    btw, i know there're some bad comments on your blog/youtube channel. i just don't understand why they can be cruel to these lovely kids.
    please keep on sharing your happy family life!!!

  6. haha I literally laughed out loud :) I even can imagine the whole scenario; Charlie is screaming, while Harry talking about something off topic. you guys are the best!