Sunday, 3 May 2009

Help me make a clip please


I am looking for some contributions for a new video to be hosted on HDCYT. It is a collaboration clip.

All I am looking for is a short clip of you, your friends, your family, your grandparents, anyone really with the subjects saying ‘because I watch it’ or ‘because we watch it’ in what ever style you like. The clip you send should not be more than 4 seconds and please allow a little space either side of the speaking part to allow me overlay another clip. If you prefer to say something other than because I watch it, for example ‘because we watch it all the time’, or ‘because I love Harry’ or ‘because it’s great’ etc I will try and incorporate those too.

I am after clips with a diversity of ages and locations. I am happy for the clip to be in your native language but I will have to verify that you are actually saying ‘because I watch it’ :)

I would prefer it is the clip is light and bright and as good quality as you can. If you submit a clip you are doing so with permission for me full rights to use it and add it to other clips of the same to make another Harry and Charlie clip.

Please send your clips to


  1. omg! i love your clips. they're so funny. it dipends on how old the boys are. But maybe you could show them a older RETAKE of the video. So they would be older, only saying "ouch! ouch! charlie bit my finger!"

    - Fan of your videos -

  2. Do you still need a clip now?
    me and my friends would like to say something...