Saturday, 2 May 2009

Cheap Shot Critic

We saw a small article in a paper today the Daily Mail on Saturday. A journalist, Paul Connolly, who got a pretty cheap two column article looking and writing about some YouTube clips with a Susan Boyle headline. I shall quote the whole byline to the Harry and Charlie clip “Charlie bit my finger – again. One small child – Charlie – bites another slightly less small child’s finger. Twice. Quite why this video has nearly 100 million hits is beyond us. Is it because Charlie looks a bit like Johnny Vegas?”

Not sure why we got a red box round the image and text but I am sure someone does.

While I don’t usually mind any non offensive comments, based on the thousands of wonderful messages I get from people I know the fact he does not understand the draw of the clip is certainly not a deficiency with the clip. I doubt Paul bothered to read a page or more of comments and certainly believe his comments are far more significant to the world than yours. I did notice that the majority of his positive comments were about animal clips and when we won the RudeTube 2008 programme I received quite a few comments from the Ninja Cat and other animal clips supports saying how much better those clips were. There defiantly seems to be a child / animal divide :)

I have put this blog entry together to say; I believe any one of your comments has a far higher value than Paul’s could ever have.

What has surprised me is the response I have had from parents writing down the words from their children because they can’t spell to parents, parents of parents and parents of parents of parents. It amazes me the clip can touch such a large cross section and from all over the world across boundaries and religions.

Thanks to you all on behalf of Harry, Charlie and Jasper.



  1. don't let people like this bloke paul get to you. the people who love the clip outnumber those who dont! hope the boys are doing well, and i hope to hear more from you!

  2. are yall the parents of Harry and Charlie
    just wondering come visit my blog at

  3. ------a child / animal divide------
    lol that's a interesting view :)
    however I usually feel that Charlie just like a adorable little panda owing to many of his movements! especially the moment he climbed up to the table in the clip "Commando Training"!

    even a saint there are still some people don't like them and be confused why people are so attracted by them. That's it!

    having more to say but i have rush to the class now >< TTYL :)
    LOVE Charlie Harry Jasper

  4. Are you trying to milk some fame out of a single, cute video?

  5. I am milking nothing Dray. Since the clip caught on I respond to people and do things from my own interest. I try and create and contribute. I am not some sad person who critises others while producing nothing myself. I spend hours responding to people, doing 90% of pretty everything with no return except the interaction with other people which I respect and highly regard. What have you done today?

  6. that bit me thing is funny

  7. Hi there! I'm from Singapore and I just want you to know that I love your clips of Harry, Charlie and Jasper! I check out the Youtube website once in a while just to see if any new clips on your boys are uploaded. :) Hope to see more clips of them. I'm sure you know it already but you do have the most wonderful three boys I've seen! All the best and forget what Paul says!