Friday, 10 April 2009

Big Cycling Day for Harry and Charlie

Today Harry finally went without stabilisers and Charlie moved onto the training bike (with stabilisers). Anyway Harry went off without a problem and no crashes. Charlie was not so lucky and decided the shrubberies along our road looked like good places to fall into.

Harry and Charlie also had a visit from their second cousins Ella and Max with one of their friends Harriet.


  1. aww i'm happy for them!
    and that's really nice that their cousins came to visit them!!

  2. so envy that!!
    want to meet Charlie too!!

  3. oh how I miss home, I haven't heard the word shrubberies in SO long!!

    I'm pretty sure I fell into the shrubberies many times growing up!!!

    Alice the Brit

  4. aaw.. look at them all grown up so fast.. !!

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