Thursday, 16 April 2009

Charlie Bit Me on BBC Radio 4

One of the ideas around creating the blog was to record the use of the clip. On Monday night at 21:00 there is a programme on Radio 4 'Costing the Earth' which is using the Charlie Bit Me clip. I believe the programme is talking about relative costs of things and there impact on our environment. While the clip is simply being used as an example from which to gain statistics it is still quite exciting being on such a grown up channel.


  1. I just discovered the video of your boys "Charlie Bit Me." It is very cute and funny. Your boys are adorable! Congratulations on your new son Jasper.

  2. hi, i'm from malaysia.
    i just posted the video of 'charlie bit me' in my blog. i hope u r ok with that. i found it very cute especially the part when charlie laughed.
    they r both very adorable!
    have a nice day! :)

  3. This video is absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing it!

  4. The video makes me want too PUKE!

  5. jsg your such a troll -_- i, on the other hand... have watched it and loved it :) such great boys :) good job harry and charlie and jasper's parents :) they doin good :) :)