Thursday, 2 April 2009

Harry and Charlie Featured on Japanese TV this week

Hello, to all who are in Japan or can get Japanese TV there is a feature on Harry and Charlie

Of course I will not be able to see it until I am posted a copy, and then I will not be able to understand it, but I do know the questions I answered and did a interview over Skype last weekend.

3rd April, JST 0:30-0:40 "scoop contribution DO images"
6rd April, JST 6:40-6:50 "Good Morning Japan"

I don't always have knowledge of when shows go out, so enjoy.


  1. I had just posted the YouTube video on my blog and didn't realize you had a web site! Cool!

  2. what is your skype account???

  3. Your ausome I whatch charlie bit me- agin at least 100 times