Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A Quick Easter Competetion - Closed see note

So many people have voted on the poll, thanks for that.

Harry is giving away a couple of eggs he has decorated ready for Easter. Whilst these may not be the best prize you may ever win, hopefully they are pretty good for a Harry fan. If you don't celebrate Easter then they are simply decorated shiny eggs.

Please add a comment to this post with a short description of the place that you live any why Harry should visit it (town or country it does not matter) and Harry will select the two winners.

Please do not leave any personal details. I will contact the winner and ask for a postal address. So please make sure that if you are under 18 you tell your parents that you have left a comment and that if you win you need to give out your address


  1. Harry should visit Hamburg in Germany, I think. Why? Because it's the most beautiful city in Germany. We have many interesting places to go to for a little boy like the "Miniaturwunderland" (The largest model railway in the world and one of the most successful permanent exhibitions in Northern Germany. http://www.miniatur-wunderland.com/) and we have much more to see. And the biggest reason why Harry should come here is: I love him and Charlie so much and want to meet them :)

  2. Happy easter to Harry, Charlie and their family~ I'm from Hong Kong. Harry should visit here cuz we loves him and hope he will love our city too :)

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  5. Hello, if you are writing a comment please make sure I can then see your profile or send an email to harryandcharlie@googlemail.com telling us who you are otherwise I cannot contact you. Sabrina - please email us. Harry was rather taken by the idea of the worlds largest model railway.

  6. Hi, Harry should visit my country :)
    country: Taiwan     
    city: Taipei
    *****Me, my mom and some of my friends are fans of your boys! Especially I am!!!
    (1)the food!! You can ask anyone who has visited Taiwan, I think he or she would say the delicious foods made them impressive =D
    (2)Harry can see pandas in Taipei zoo. As I know now there are just 8 countries which have pandas, like Taiwan,China,America.....(and you can reach the zoo directly by metropolitan rapid transit)
    (3)Harry can see the tallest skyscraper in the world (until 2008) - Taipei 101!
    (4)Harry,Charlie and Japer can play in the amusement park for little children in Taipei.Additionally, they can go to the farm in Taiwan's countryside enjoying the breeze and nature :)
    (5)the world you are living in is the West so everything and social contexts are mostly relative to western world. Taiwan is an island next to mainland China, and Taiwan actually a totally Chinese country. Harry can experience the culture of East world.
    *You can come to our National Palace Museum where consist of the most precious treasures in Chinese world and history. The artifacts there are collection from enormous Chinese dynasties inclusive of the antiques and cultural treasures of royal family or our Chinese history. Not only the non-Chinese but also the people comes from mainland China are attracted by this museum because the treasures used to lay in "the Forbidden City" and now they just can see them in Taiwan.(There are some historical reasons why they are in Taiwan now.) http://www.npm.gov.tw/en/about/tradition.htm

  7. Hello mates!

    This is a big competitor all the way from Australia. I only live here at the moment for my studies, I'm actually from Norway! I'm not sure to which country to pick to this competition. So, I put both of them up :)

    Norway: In winter times, there is a lot of snow! Ergo: snowball-fighting, making snowman and angels, go skiing/skateboarding/sliding, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow on the top of a snowmountain :)

    Australia: Sunshine all year long! Ergo: lot's of swimming (beach and/or pool!), jump with kangaroos, dive with the world's largest fish - the whale shark (and it is completely friendly!), and the list is still long!

    Wherever or whoever Harry chooses, have a pleasant time there when you are there!

    Best regards :)

  8. Hi all. We have decided based on the great answers to let the first three people win. This means Harry needs to get busy making another egg, but we can cope with that. I know I said I would leave the competition open for another couple of days. If you have been working on a great answer keep it for the next competition. So Sabrina, WYClemon, phuong sendus a mail at harryandcharlie@googlemail.com with your mailing address. Cheers.

  9. Oh crud..I missed it. I will wait until the next competition. Harry and Charlie are just too cute and so is baby Jasper!

    I hope you are all doing well and feeling better. I'm a friend on FB as well.

    Harry looks SO adorable with his shiny egg. Very talented please tell him! Looking forward to future posts.

  10. Hello Harry and charlie :)You are both very cute and your video always makes me laugh. Your eggs are super cute and you look like have become quite the artist. Anyways im from America, nothing too special about that but the town I come from is called Liverpool and I think its cool because there is a Liverpool in Englad as well. It's kinda neat. Well anyways I hope your family has a wonderful Easter, and I hope the Easter Bunny Treats you well. I hope I get a chance to see the eggs in person, I'm studying to be an elementary teacher and I love kids art. I work at a daycare now and I keep and display all the art they make for me, yours would be a lovely addition. Thanks for considering me, and again I wish your entire family a very safe and happy easter :)

  11. Hello, Harry cutie.
    This is Daria from Taiwan.
    I'm not sure if you know a city in Taiwan called Taipei. It has the drizzly weather like London. And it is also a quite internationalized city with so many tall buildings---the tallest building in the world is in Taipei now (Taipei 101).
    And why you should visit Taipei? Well, because no one will bite your little finger here :)

  12. i love both of them, it'd be lovely to get one from them :)

  13. Go to Gothenburg in Sweden ! It's a wonderful place filled with the most delicious food and fantastic shops. I can really recommend Gothenburg to Harry because we´ve got a huge Amusement park with a lot of different roller coasters, merry-go-round and some water-attraction. The Amusement Park is calles Liseberg and I promise that it appeal to the whole family. There´s also the great Adventure- house "Universeum" witch is a house filled with animals, tractors, machines and other things for the whole family to experience.

  14. Cool Videos On youtube and Have an happy easter harry and charlie


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