Monday, 30 March 2009

A frequent question. Do we get recognised much?

Here was something funny which happened at the weekend. We arrived early for Charlie's football practice. Harry comes along to help Charlie.
Coach Rich is teaching the boys. We arrived a little early and I had a quick chat with Coach Rich before the others arrived. Coach Rich taught Harry a couple of years ago, is now teaching Charlie, has seen the clip on YouTube, the interview of Richard and Judy and yet he did not see Harry and Charlie as "Harry and Charlie".

As he said when you know people you are less likely to see them as 'famous'. However I must stress we do not see ourselves as famous. Perhaps this is also more of a British thing anyway.

Anyway, thanks to coach Rich for teaching the boys. Especially thanks as he has his own Charlie.

I don't think either boy will be playing for their country, however they do enjoy a good run around.


  1. but Harry, Charlie and Jasper are celebrities to me absolutely lol
    I want to know them and play with them!!

    Do they like pandas?
    there are pandas in Taiwan now

    1. here comes another harry,charlie,jasper fan from taiwan!

  2. Hello, I watched some of your videos and the one that I think that I thought was funny was Charlie bit my finger. I have a blog to. My blog is If you could comment on one of my posts that wouold be awsome.

  3. Harry and Charlie are the most adorable boys in the world!! I wish I could babysit them, but I live in the U.S. :( God bless your precious family!!