Thursday, 26 March 2009

The goodies wear white and the badies wield red lightsabers

There are hundreds of ways a 5 year old can make you proud, for that matter your child at any age. However yesterday while trying to explain why the goodies do not always win, not to trust people simply because they want you to like them, and sometimes right and wrong can be only the difference of opinion I discovered that Harry's first few words he can spell are 'Harry', 'Charlie' and



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  2. keep going update uplode your little boy's photo's...

  3. Oh, that's precious. Another random visitor from Youtube here, just... awww. :)

  4. a sign of a child raised right: they can spell jedi.

    kudos! and the boys are both very adorable and have grown up so fast, it seems. they are very precious, you should be proud.

    have a good day!