Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Charlie Bit Me enjoyed in Burma

What makes the effort put into 'Web 2.0 Harry and Charlie' worthwhile?
Your letters

This is another of the reasons I started a blog, so I could share the thoughts and comments from people who have take the time to share with me their experiences of 'Charlie Bit Me'. It is not my intention to build what we have into something it is not, simply to pass on other peoples feelings from around the world.

I do not think the clip will bring down military juntas, get warring neighbours talking to each other or bring peace and harmony to the world, but if it only goes a small way in showing people in different countries we can all share the same enjoyment and are basically the same then I will be very happy.

Dear Harry and Charlie,

I am from Burma but now studying in another country Since Youtube is banned in Burma, I had to save "Charlie bit me" in my P.C to share with my family and friends. When I went home last time, I showed them your gorgeous Vid and they enjoyed it alot and they totally in love with you guys. And my family never stop laughing. My parents always asked me to show it to everyone who visited our house. And I was really happy to see they were happy. Thank you very much for bringing joy to everyone. Last but not least, I pray that the Lord will bless you and your family abundantly.
Llove you and your family.

I have edited the content slightly to remove any personal information only

For more information on Burma go to;

I should also explain the title a little bit. Obviously spending time with my family is the most important thing that I could wish to do. However we do put a lot of time into the social networking face of the internet, i.e. YouTube, Facebook, now blogging etc. Time is mainly spent replying to people, keeping the sites child friendly etc.


  1. I LOVE CHARLIE AND HARRY!!! Soooo adorable! Glad to have a blog to follow with them!

    Lots uh hugs!


  2. I liked the video very much and our whole family enjoyed it. My mom says that Harry, the elder brother seems to be quite calm and sweet even when his younger brother bit him.
    I would like to wish them a very happy life and great future ahead.


  3. I love them! Kisses from Argentina!

  4. well,apparently,charlie and harry aren't viewed only in burma,but in malaysia too!
    i find that harry's very loving and charlie's extremely adorable.;)
    hugs and kisses!

  5. hye there!i'm from malaysia..n just now i saw the vid of charlie bit me n its really make me in love with u guys,,so cute n adorable..hehe