Monday, 6 April 2009

Day Trip Today for Harry and Charlie

Location : Turville, Buckinghamshire.
Interesting Features : The windmill from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is on the hill here.


  1. that's exciting!!
    they're so the way. =D

  2. Adorable~~
    This shot looks like kid's wear poster.
    They can be star~~~~ too lovely~~~

  3. glad to see the water bottles too, got to stay hydrated!

    Sweet photo of them both

    Oh and I JUST saw that you signed my guestbook on my family website :) I am a bit annoyed that didn't send me an email alert for your entry, it usually does .... and woot woot - coming over in September hopefully!

    Alice the Brit
    in 'getting hotter by the day' Florida!

  4. omg! so cute! iwill always <3 ya! you guys are awesom! i wish i could meet you in person! i liv in south tx. :-(

  5. omg !!

    this first i know the video and blog...

    so handsome and funny...

    how old are they ?

  6. TOTALLY SPOILED BRATS! They must be drug all over England to see this do that.I guess The Queen has certified there little asses gold. I am sure she has kissed there asses too.Afterall, these idiot videos must bring the country a load of cash.

  7. i love charlie and harry.. [hugs and kisses]

  8. @jsg dude shut up.... there just seeing awesome thigns and having fun -_- how is it THAT hard for you to understand! btw I WANNA SEE THAT WINDMILL! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! well used to love it XP XD oh well i still wanna see it :) can i come? XD