Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Charlie Bit Me - YouTube Numbers

Hello everyone

I know most of you here on Facebook are friends and do not represent the 'How did it get so many hits' people on YouTube, however I thought I would share some stats that
I have collected over the year and not given out before.

I started recording at the beginning of 2009 to see when we would overtake the number 1 place in the UK and have kept on going for interest every few weeks.

01/01/09 06/07/09 Gain
Avril 111,871,706 121,517,550 9,645,844
Evolution 108,863,441 122,333,226 13,469,785
Charlie Bit 72,952,177 106,247,792 33,295,615
(Dates are in UK format DD/MM/YY)

perhaps more interesting for those who call the clip ‘old’

28/06/09 06/07/09 Gain
Avril 121,192,797 121,517,550 324,753
Evolution 121,965,406 122,333,226 367,820
Charlie Bit 104,722,696 106,247,792 1,525,096

Checking the various numbers I have, these are representative of the last year.

I have been looking at some of the other clips in the top 20 and Miley Cirus and Lady Gaga do get views close to Charlie Bit Me, but not that close :)

Of course all this means the clip could get to number one. On the other hand that does not matter and it’s been fun.

I am planning to do another Charlie, Harry and Jasper calendar this year :)


  1. I found this today and I thought it was great, Harry is adorable

    I don't like children biting though, hope he is out of it now.

    Bless you Harry
    xx you are a STAR

  2. It is moving very fast (obviously) !

  3. I just saw your video of charlie bit me again and it was so cute!! Just adorable!

    =D melanie