Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Confusion this week

Apologies for anyone coming to our pages over the last couple of days. Due to a rather juvenile (funny how when you misspell Juvenile the spell checker suggests Journalist) article in a paper I was rather upset at how a sad individual could corrupt an otherwise honest and innocent story. I decided to take my videos down until I had all the relevant facts. I should also say they originally Google had been identified as supplying un-truths, however it turned out to be all the creations of the writer.

This is why we disappeared from YouTube search and the honours lists. It was all of my doing not Google's

Anyway to sum up. A writer wrote a story and poured in all their self loathing and cynicism of the world (which he also did with me on the phone behind an awkward chuckle). On top of that, he lied and reported on sensitive information about my children. Maybe I am going over the top a little here as actually if you read the article as a non-important page filler you would perhaps not see the same things in it I see and you might even think it was positive. However if you know the story as intimately as I do and had been involved with the writer on the phone you would understand that actually he subtly (I think I could be accused of saying the writer was clever by being subtle but every subtle point was simply a twisting of the truth) reinforced the position he had taken before he decided to write the story which was then reinforced through the article. However he needed to finish with something stronger, which he didn't have, so he lied.

I suppose for the rest of us having your boss correct your story the next day publicly would be embarrassment enough but I expect he would give as much concern to it as he does every time he makes up a story.

I shall not name the paper or the person involved as quite frankly I am sure they would get a kick out of it. In addition the paper says they are investigating it.

Needless to say it has been the only story where someone posing as a journalist has tried to distort and corrupt the facts as completely anywhere in the world to my knowledge.

I shall follow up this post in the not too distant future with more details to why this was important to me.

The article in question was NOT;
The Sydney Morning Herald
Thanks Stephen
Happy to add any others links if anyone is unsure, but it was a UK publication.