Tuesday, 10 November 2009

London Science Museum

Harry and now Charlie love the Science Museum in London (Jasper was loving the water play area in the basement) . During half term we spent the day there. We also went to the IMAX to see the 3D film about three flies going to space 'Fly me to the Moon'. Unfortunately somehow I messed up and we ended up being in the earlier showing of Deep Sea 3D which Charlie found a bit scary. After five minutes he spent the time with his head burrowed away on my chest. Luckily the staff were very good and let us stay for the correct showing. I don't think we spent enough time in Launchpad for Harry but the Pattern Pod went down very well this visit.

The bubble show was good. Harry managed to get himself put in a very big bubble and I managed to take a photo just at the right time.

At least the boys kept the other tube passengers entertained who with the exception of a couple who kept staring straight on were all laughing at the boys antics

I guess we are just lucky that the boys are not recognised (very often)


  1. I just watche you YouTube video! It was so cute and funny. I also am perticularly fond of the laddies english accent. I was born in Scotland, but love scottish and english history.
    Your little ones are adorable too.

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