Saturday, 17 October 2009

Under One Million to go

Yesterday was a very exciting day. We closed on Number 2 spot and now the zeros are falling off the difference almost every hour. However we are also less than one million from number one spot. I am not sure how this all makes us feel really but it is exciting


  1. Not knowing why, but watching Charlie bit me everyday has been my spontaneous habit. I feel excited on the increasing view count like you. The boys’ adorable characteristics bring viewers more positive energy and smile than those of others. As you said on some clip: I don’t plan it, it just happened! The producer must be God! Congratulation!

  2. at this point exciting seems like an understatement!! :)

  3. Your children are BEYOND darling! We are regular viewers of "Charlie Bit Me!" as well! I even had one of my professors play it for my entire class at my university last fall. It's a classic! I am going to have to re-post it on my blog and have all of my friends and readers do the same! I'd love to see your cute boys in the top spot on youtube!