Sunday, 6 December 2009

An exhausting weekend at CenterParcs

Harry, Charlie and Jasper have just got back from a very exhausting two days at CenterParcs. Charlie seemed to get over his fear of waves and slides. Jasper got excited about swimming although you also got a great cuddle while holding him in the pool. We were not impressed with the rain but the fireworks and the people in The Pancake House were great.

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  1. Oh we all LOVED CenterParcs :)

    We all did a big family reunion there, back in 1998 (since i live in USA and my brother lives in Japan with his wife and 5 kids) .. my kids were 9, 7, 2,5 and 1.

    My Mum and Dad paid for it all too (so sweet of them)

    Alice the Brit, in *still* hot, sunny, muggle Florida, unbelievable it's December