Thursday, 24 December 2009

Enjoying the snow and the last day of Advent

We have all been a bit busy enjoying the snow and he run up to Christmas. Harry and Charlie went to see Aladdin (pantomime) yesterday. We had a late night walk in the snow (which I did get the video camera out for) but I am not sure if anything I took will be worth posting. Right now Harry, Charlie and Jasper are playing with the wooden train set which makes a lovely change from the Wii. Hopefully Santa will visit each of the boys tonight.


  1. Wish we had gotten some snow down here in Arkansas, Hope you guys have a great white christmas!

    -Jonathan M.

  2. The best thing about Charlie bit me is......

    when harry says.........ahhhh..ohohoh..ouch...ouch charlie ...Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nice job , eleanor