Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Don't talk about it. Just Read it!

We were having a great Kipper bed time story the other night. Harry had come up to listen to it as well which was nice, so Charlie cuddled in from one side and Harry from the other. Anyway it was the story about Kipper's Birthday and in it Kipper gets confused with the days. He sends out cards he made yesterday, today, with the words tomorrow thinking he had sent them out yesterday (it's only confusing because I wrote it that way). I was trying to explain the difference of yesterday, today and tomorrow in relation to today and tomorrow but Charlie had enough. "Don't Talk About It. Just Read It!" Very well put Charlie, we can save all this for Another Day!


  1. Lovely Charlie!
    He grow up into a cute and curious boy.

  2. You should let them type their blogs, not trying to be mean but it would be more interesting that way.

    -Jonathan M.