Monday, 1 June 2009

Trip to France - Cite de la Voile Eric Tabarly

First the bad of the holiday -well it is not really bad but a tad annoying. We visited Lorient and went to;

Cite de la Voile Eric Tabarly

an interactive sailing museum. Everyone was very friendly, the boys enjoyed sailing the remote control yachts, it was fun to lower the sails and steer a racing yacht, the entry point was very special with all the screens etc.

However the boys really wanted to climb the tower and look around. The very nice man at the tourist office in Lorient gave us such a great description we thought it was worth paying the entry price to have a look around. However the tower was closed. I very nice security guard told us (after he asked us very nicely to stop running) that the tower basically closed because it was not safe. So it gets a Harry and Charlie thumbs down (Charlie is trying to find his thumbs). A thumbs down is really far too harsh, but I had two upset boys on the drive home who did not understand why a tower should be closed after I spent ages telling them how cool it would be. So if you don't have a Harry and a Charlie, even without the tower in operation this was a good place to visit).

If the tower was open this place would be a great place for anyone interested in water, and we all know how much Harry and Charlie like water.


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  2. " drive home "
    via Channel Tunnel ?

    " if you don't have a Harry and a Charlie"
    You deaded on the target of our mind !
    We want to go with them!! :)