Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Vampire Bats

What sort of a story for 5 year old mentions a poster of vampire bats and then expects the child receiving the story not to ask what they are.  I would just like let everyone know that it is hard enough explaining what a vampire is without scaring them let alone having to explain it to Charlie .......


  1. Did you say Vampires aren't real? Lol.. cute thing how they look like when scared...

  2. You can always tell Charlie that vampire bats ARE real---they dwell in caves in South America. They live by sucking the blood out of the other animals in the cave. He need fear nothing, because he does not live near them. Vampire bats do not like human blood, anyway. Vampire bats are only in stories. He seems a bright boy who would easily understand.
    I do love all your boys!

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