Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cleaning your teeth and sounding like Daddy

Charlie did make me laugh the other day.  I was helping him clean his teeth (putting the toothpaste on the electric brush).  He has been cleaning his own teeth of a while now with the aid of the electric toothbrush.  Anyway he wanted me to do the cleaning on this night and I said something like "It's something you are going to have to get used to as you will be cleaning your teeth for the rest of your life at least twice a day".  To which he responded and every time since
"Oh.. I don't want to clean my teeth for the rest of my life"

Listening to a Charlie aged 4 talking about the rest of his life cracks me up.

Harry also made us laugh with his use of English today.  We all looked at him after he has finished a sentence and commented on how much he sounded like me (Daddy).  Again it was the construction of the English and the words used, something like

"On that occasion blah blah, and on next occasion blah blah"

You had to be there, the strange thing was the fact that Harry sounded so mature for that moment and it was so out of place. I am sure this will not make sense to anyone else than me, but I am putting those funny things you would otherwise forget in this blog for our benefit as much as anyone else.


  1. LOL! Harry made fun of your dad! Haha! Anyways, that electric toothbrush is pretty cool. It's better at cleaning your teeth than a normal toothbrush. But it seems to be weird to use electric toothbrush when you're old. Good for both of you to have a good oral health. I still can't stop laughing at what Harry did. LOL!

    Kathy Frederickson

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