Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Harry, Charlie, Jasper the Lobster and the Snail

Charlie has been going on about Lobsters and Snails for weeks now so;

Checking out the lobsters

Choosing dinner
at home just about to be go in the freezer to knock him out

Not quite so keen now are you Charlie!


  1. LOL...the 3rd picture, Harry and Charlie looked like oh! we can't wait to eat you!

  2. Your boys are lucky. There are many people out there as famous as them who wouldn't even be able to go pick out a lobster without being followed by a billion people. Your boys get to at least lead normal lives! XD Say hi to the little guys from Cyberkyd!

  3. I must confess I was drooling when I saw Mr Lobster all pink and ready to eat. Throw that, some scallops and jumbo shrimp on the grill and call it dinner. Lovely photos.

  4. Cool,but you never get too close to a lobster,whether there tied down or not.

  5. By the way I'm very happy right now.I just got through listening to my favorite song:Scream Aim Fire by Bullet For My Valentine.You can see the video if you go to my blog called "My Favorite Videos"