Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow and more snow - schools cancelled

One day of school after the Christmas holidays and then they are all cancelled (I think for the week)

The boys love the time in the snow, but are only managing about 3 hours at a time before they get too cold. We had a one child sledge but now we have bought a two child sledge. Tomorrow hopefully we will get Harry, Charlie and Jasper out together. It is a shame we don't have any good hills nearby, but they again at least we can get the car out of the drive if we have too.

We took some video of the boys on the sledge but the lens gets foggy really quickly. I am not sure if they will be of any quality for sharing.

At least the politicians are talking about the fact not all counties have grit to grit the roads and only the major roads are being done, but then again they talked about it last year and the year before so don't hold your breath. I guess if it had anything to do with expenses they would have sorted it out by now and made some money in the process. Oh for a non inept government.


  1. It must be fun playing in the snow! :) Too bad Singapore doesn't snow. :(

  2. I think in the picture is Harry and Charlie
    but Charlie looks yonuger than before
    I thought he is Jasper at the forst sight


  3. I know it doesn't snow a lot in England and Ireland and it seems this winter you guy are getting pelted with it. Here in New York we haven't had a lot of snow these past few winters, but this winter is no joke. Winter wasn't even over before we got our first set of snow. The snow was so deep that it was up to my knees! Hope the boys enjoy their extended vacation!

  4. In Portugal doesn´t snow...they look so cute in the snow!

  5. THATS my main reason i like it when it snows ( i hate school lol) SCHOOL'S OUT!!!! :D lol