Friday, 2 April 2010

Charlie Bit Me has enjoyed being Number 1

Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!, aka Charlie bit Me, differs in many ways to most of the YouTube high flyers for a number of reasons. I think they are mostly obvious but will list a few;
  1. Not one penny was spent in its production
  2. Not one penny has been spent in its promotion
  3. There are no sexual references or innuendoes
  4. There is nothing designed to shock in its content
  5. Nothing is promoted
  6. We have only hosted it on YouTube so every view you see are YouTube site views
  7. The video was created and shared with no intentions of money being made from it
  8. The wellbeing of the Harry and Charlie has always been more important than anything else
  9. Anything to do with Charlie Bit Me has been handled by one person until very recently.
  10. I am not 100% sure about this one, but I am pretty sure no one plays Charlie Bit Me in a Blogger music player gadget automatically every time their blogger page is refreshed (even if they don’t have a sound card or sound turned off). Wow would that make a difference to the views of Charlie Bit Me
Now the real point of this note was to say this;

Everything has its moment in time. If Gaga overtakes Charlie Bit Me, then it happens. For that matter any number of Vevo music videos could overtake it in the coming months. We would also rather that happen than see the figures fixed by people not wanting or wanting some other course of events and trying to manipulate them. Harry and Charlie will always be about brotherly love, innocents, natural and spontaneous moments absolutely not commercialism. We do not shock, try and make waves or trends or try and appeal to a commercial world. What we do does not generate wealth for multinational organisations. We get lovely comments from teenagers to great grand parents.

The site is made child friendly as often as I am able to delete the comments with foul language. Some of the comments we have seen from ‘fans’ of other videos and pop stars have been verbal diarrhoea at best, disgusting uneducated base mentality at worst. I would like to think any Charlie Bit Me fans are well above this kind of behaviour. We also don't allow the site to be used as a hate site towards any other videos. We maybe unique on that, but it is important to us.

Personally I don't quite see why some people are getting so excited. To me it would be like watching a major/premier league football team taking on a Sunday league Boy Scouts team and then the major league supporters getting over exited when they win.

Seeing the Time Magazine article the other day was great. Thanks to all of you who support the video.

Having the Number 1 spot on YouTube has been fun but it hardly the most important thing about life. Staying honest, genuine and true to yourself and everyone else is of much higher value.

We have always been proud that a simple home video has been able to do so well in the charts compared to all the commercial offerings out there but as we are incredibly proud of our sons anyway a chart position is just a bonus.

I hope no one minds me referring to the artist knows as ‘Lady Gaga’ as Gaga. In the UK ‘Lady’ means something more than a standard dictionary definition. A Lady is a title and apart from the queen women of royal and noble status carry the title of "Lady". As a title of nobility the use of 'Lady' are parallel to those of Lord. I could go around saying Lord Harry and Lord Charlie but I don’t for any number of reasons not least because it would be meaningless and probably upset a few people. If you do have a problem with this please write your complaint to making sure you address Harry and Charlie with their stage names of the day; Lord Ahh Ahh and Lord HaHa. I think of 'Lady Gaga' as a brand.

If being a ‘real’ Lord or Lady is of real interest to you go here, or give lots of money and or favours to a British Political party. We have no commercial interest of contact with the link above. I was just interested to see what was out there.


  1. It is quite understandable for you to criticize the offensive behaviors of Lady GaGa's "fans," and others who have been commenting on your video.

    However, I do not understand why you must criticize Lady GaGa herself--it is clear, through her songs, videos, and performances, that GaGa is subverting mainstream fame-based pop culture, while simultaneously reveling in it herself; GaGa is, as defined through the lexicon of literary academia, a "trickster" of pop culture.

    Her over-the-top actions and persona are malicious facsimiles of behaviors that characterize mainstream pop culture. GaGa pokes fun at the ridiculous sheep-like behavior (like the comments you have encountered on your video) that pop culture grotesquely encourages, feeds upon, and ultimately, needs.

    When looked upon with a more open and inquisitive frame of reference, it becomes clear that GaGa is doing the same was you are doing--denouncing "the fame" of mainstream commercialized culture--while simultaneously capitalizing on it. It cannot be denied that "Charlie Bit my Finger" has become a fixture of pop culture, and therefore, you are capitalizing upon a phenomenon of pop culture--though with "noble intentions."

    GaGa is playing upon the sciolism of the masses the world over, including, it seems, you.

  2. Also, linked is an analysis that provides a good introduction on the true persona of Lady GaGa.

  3. I could care either way who is top on the you tube videos. I think charlie bit my finger is cute and funny and I also Like Lady GA Ga's bad romance video. Try not to blame GA GA or her fans for nasty remarks left on the you tube site. Most her fans are not that way and neither is she. Im sure if she has seen Charlie bit my finger she liked it too. Besides if you browse through all the comments on alot of GA GA's videos you will see even worse comments made against her and her music. Plus somewhere down the line Im sure there will be another video wether it be home made,a music video or some other video type that will blow past GA GA's video and Charlie Bit My finger.

  4. Hi Kevin I don't believe I have criticised Gaga. What I was criticising as you identified was the commercialism culture. I know nothing about Gaga and the boys have a couple of CD's with her songs on that they are quite happy to dance around too.

    While we do benefit from the 'fame' of the clip we simply have accepted what has come along as part of the clip becoming popular. We have not started with the intention of making the clip popular. There is a world of difference here.

    While Charlie Bit Me maybe part of the pop culture as you put it and that is a good enough definition as any. It is there from word of mouth and a slow and gradual takeup. The Vevo clips that are shooting up the YouTube charts are part of four of the largest marketing organisation in the world.

    I don't believe there is anything pretentious in what I have written.

  5. Though my English is not good and I can't directly enter this blog,I still come here to see if the blog is updated almost everyday through proxy server. Because all of my classmates and I love these three little brothers so much.
    what charlie bit me's video gives us is beyond the entertainment, and this video is for everyone all around the world.
    But I still can't figure out why some people take the two boys'video so seriously and why some fans of somebody say some strange words on this blog which is originally supposed to be for the people who love these kids.

    Do they think that it's wise to compare some commercialized famous people with these innocent kids???? wise people won't do that .
    and i think that there's no need to respond to these unwise people.

    we don't mind they keep loveing their idols , but we do mind they keep being unwise to do some ridiculous things on the blog.

    Hope these three kids be happy everyday.

  6. I seldom comment on the blog, but this time, I do want to say something to these fans.

    hope they don't come to bother the kids and their parents anymore.

  7. I agree with every word you said! :)

  8. harryputtar........hws ur finger now.??

  9. Peace and mercy of God be upon

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