Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween 2010

I did all the work so this was going to be on the blog :)

Sort of like a skeleton police man :)

First call, our next door neighbours  Thanks Nerys

A Haunted House.  Spooky !!


  1. My husband and I are sitting in our living room right now dispensing candy to the trick or treaters of our neighborhood. Like Harry, Charlie, and Jasper, they are so cute!
    I love the way you have carved those pumpkins! Do not eat too much candy boys, you have school tomorrow!

  2. how cute!!!
    We don't have hollween here...
    iI must be very interesting.

  3. HAHA, i still remember when my foreign teacher taught us to say "trick or treat." It's a little bit difficult to pronounce it for Chinese. :)

  4. LOL on halloween i didnt go anywhere i just gave out candy :) had they come i would have given them each 10 pieces :P lol that'd be a little to much tho cuz then we'd run out of candy fast :P XD i love halloween

  5. They are so adorable You mut love them so much.
    Thanks for your wonderful video on youtube!

    Best regards,