Monday, 1 August 2011

Camping in the Garden

As we could not go on holiday we put the tent up in the garden.  The boys have now completed two nights in the tent.  Night one was with Harry, Charlie and Jasper but night two Jasper decided to go back to his bed as night two was all about learning to go to sleep in the tent without Daddy lying next to you - although he was only a couple of metres away in the lounge, with the doors open.

The boys were really confident on night one until I pointed out that the doors needed to be zipped shut to avoid any animals coming in, such as foxes.  Luckily lots of talk about cats diffused the situation

Mummy and Rupert were lovely and comfy inside the house.


  1. i thnk you r best dad i hav ever seen ... we love all ur children soo much

  2. charlie bit my finger!!! love your video :D

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