Saturday, 24 September 2011

Gone Fishing - Bibury Trout Farm

Gone Fishing

For some reason Harry wanted to go fishing.  We looked around to see how we could arrange it and I was recommended Bibury Trout Farmso we took the boys.
I have to admit as a introduction to fishing it was great albeit quite expensive.  I don't really know if comparably it was an expensive day as it included the cost of our supper, but overall I felt it was worth it.
Harry realised fishing was not quite as much fun as he had thought.   Pops excelled himself in gutting the fish, using a Priest, he did actually catch most of the fish as well.  Yes the boys did watch the killing and gutting of the fish - well Harry mostly.  We think it is important not to hide away some parts of activities if you have embraced taking part.

We caught five pretty big trout for our tea with line and hook.  None of the family are fishermen.
If you have never been here are some reasons to go:
Experience fishing without having to worry about the kit or catching fish or any skills!
The fish swim around a small river and if you are desperate they are close enough to scoop out with the net!
When the children decide it is boring there are other fish to watch and a play area.
Also, you can catch and BBQ at the farm.
The staff were very helpful

This was not aimed as a piece of publicity and we were not paid for it.  I simply like giving a write up of something the boys enjoyed and something which may interest others.

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