Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Half Term Fun - The Black Country Museum, Cadbury World, Warwick Castle

Harry and Charlie have had a great few days. Sunday they spent most of the day at The Black Country Museum.

Monday they visited the Cadbury Chocolate Factory ‘Cadbury World’ followed by going to the cinema to see Princess and the Frog.

Tuesday they visited Warwick Castle

we already called Charlie 'Sir' :)


  1. Can I spend my next holidays with you, can I, can I, can I?

    (Or you could just drop me at the Cadbury factory for the whole week :) )

    Hope they've slept quietly afterwards, and that you've all enjoyed yourselves.


  2. I've been watching your videos on youtube for a while this evening, and I just want to did you raise such sweet and loving boys? I am in awe at how sweet Harry is with his younger brothers....

  3. Soo cute! Your boys are the cuttest ever!You are a really lucky father!