Thursday, 4 March 2010

I have never been so glad a tunnel came along

Charlie and I (dad) went riding on trains yesterday (into London and about). As usual Charlie spent 45 minutes on the mainline asking question after question. Funny how all the other passengers pretend not to be listening. However as you can imagine some questions are harder to answer than others, here is a transcript from the start of one interaction;

Charlie: Daddy, why do you not want to be dead (this was a general question as opposed to me saying I'm going to die)
Daddy: Well, when you die everything ends
(Charlie shuffles about playing with the small shelf by the window)
Daddy: That is unless you...
Charlie: Wow a tunnel, look Daddy we are in a tunnel
conversation continues about tunnels..........

Just for all you theologians out there we neither encourage or discourage in equal measure big bang theory or Genesis. Space and stars catch Harry's attention more. Noah's ark and the good Samaritan grab Charlie's attention more :) I was going on to explain the concept of Heaven and Hell as I normally do, however as you can tell it makes little difference.

Tunnels are great things. Thanks Tunnel.


  1. Really Cool. Your child is soooo cute!

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  3. charlie is very cute boy. the world will smile with you!!!

  4. what a great resource you have for looking back at your incredible years as a Mum. I have been watching Charlie bit me over the years and finally found your blog. Going through some difficult times with my teenagers (had 3 kids in 3 1/2 years) and try to remember those wonderful innocent years, your Charlie and Harry and then Jasper bring that back to me, thanks for a little bit of joy in what can be a quite stressful teenage phase

  5. i LOL'D when i read the last line XD!!!

    wishing i could meet you all


  6. uhhh y tha heck did i tyoe the letter paragraph thing?????? hmmm my minds always a mystery considering im 13 years old LOL