Sunday, 21 March 2010

Charlie's 4th Birthday Party

What a busy couple of weeks. Saturday was Charlie’s 4th Birthday party and it seemed to take weeks to organise. Charlie wanted a Knight themed party. So we thought it would be great if all the children who wanted to be knights had similar looking tabards, swords and shields. Princesses with similar tiaras and wands! This started two weeks before with stencilling, cutting, painting, gluing, drawing, sewing etc. In addition we had some material chainmail suits made for Harry Charlie and Daddy to wear under our tabards. However the results were great with about eighteen little Knights running around most of which wore the tabards and about eight little princesses.

Charlie chose a red lion emblem which I painted metallic red. Harry wanted gold and Jasper got the first one I made in silver.

Merlin wondered around turning parents into frogs.

We had a crossbow event, making shields and tiaras, a Knighting Ceremony, musical thrones, Merlin said (although I think Merlin had vanished so it was renamed King Charlie said), Sleeping Dragons and a few more to boot. The house and a marquee in the garden were adorned with knights, flags, bunting etc.

Lots of food and cake.

Other children and teddies faces blurred

I just wished I had had a little more time to take more photos of all the events. Maybe some other parents did I can add a few later.

Have a great 4th Year Charlie :)


  1. your kids are too big, happy birthday charly!

  2. hbd charlie, be good boy !!why jasper going to cry? take care !!!