Wednesday, 30 November 2011

God's father is a frog

I do love having conversations with the boys, especially when Harry, Charlie and Jasper are together with me in the car.  I can't get away and the conversations take loads of twist and turns.

This week we were talking about Charlie's nativity - he is an Angel.  He asked how Jesus was born and why he had two dads.  Very confusing to explain to a  5 year old.  Anyway are about 5 minutes we worked out God's father was a frog.  Simple.

Jasper has been a bit naughty this week - He had a hot chocolate in the lounge.  I hate the boys eating and drinking in our lounge, Shelley does not - a bone of contention.  Anyway Jasper spills his drink everywhere.  Charlie spills some of his so no more drinks in the lounge.  The following night Jasper is not allowed a Hot Chocolate.  Harry and Charlie are sitting in the kitchen drinking theirs.

Jasper:    Can I have a drink
Daddy:    Yes, but you cannot have a hot drink
Jasper:     I don't want a hot drink
Daddy:    Ok, what drink do you want
Jasper:     Hot Chocolate

It's great to be a child, I am glad I have never forgotten.


  1. I can't say enough thanks to you for sharing your family life with us who can not have a family life.It is a dangerous world out there.Weird people every where.They can always find bad things to say.Please try to not too be effected too much and always remember there are millions people, far far more than those bad ones ,we love your family and appreciate that you share your family life with us.

  2. I find that hilarious.He says he doesn't want a hot drink,but then he asks for hot chocolate :] :D LMAO

  3. Don't worry; you've got smart, inquisitive kids. They'll figure out that Jesus isn't real soon enough. :)