Sunday, 13 November 2011

Harry and Charlie in the Papers

There was an article in the Sunday Times today.  I always find it a shame that in the UK we ONLY focus on the financial aspects.  The title of the article is 'Lights, Camera, Moolah for Daddy'  I often answer questions for papers in other countries and they typically focus on the social impact of the clip.  For example from a recent Brazilian journalist.

"At the blog, it's easy to see that you care a lot about letting your children remain just as this, children.
How important do you think is this, especially in these days when we can see so many parents that see their sons and daughters as little adults" 

A couple of other questions;
How did your and your family lives have changed after the video?
Taking from now, four years after the video release, can you can see some negative aspect about 
this whole thing?

Out of interest Brazil is the second biggest viewers of our Channel.

I don't know how many times I need to tell journalist that we view the money from YouTube as a bonus which we bank for the future.  We do not need it to live or make a living from it.
We are in a financial crisis and it is wise to look to alternative models for income.  However is this the horse leading the cart or the cart leading the horse.  Perhaps the problem is not lack of finance in these days but the overriding trend of people to be so focused on it that it drives greed and envy.
If we did not borrow we would not be in debt.  Is borrowing really a necessary model for financial planning?

UK journalist.  How much do you make.  How often.  Yes you can make money but it is similar to playing the lottery or bingo or even being struck by lightning.  Very slim chances of it happening.

I am currently working with Olympus on an article for their magazine.  I am a big Olympus fan and always have been.  Their article writer has asked some of the best questions I have seen.  On par with most of the University thesis papers I am also asked questions for.


  1. I love your family! Thank you for posting clips and photos.Thank you for sharing your loving family and happy life with the world.Your family clips have given very important support to me to go through chemo therapy.

  2. Hi Sharon. We discovered the boys had made positive impact with people around the world pretty early on in the whole YouTube thing. For that we are really grateful. We are also grateful the clip has earned us some money but we pretty much would have got that without doing all the follow up videos. However Harry and Charlie and Jasper for that matter seem to have connected with people more through the other videos we do. We are very happy to have even given you one laugh :)

  3. I love watching your four boys growing up! I love them all! Charlie is the one who really is his own person. He is going to be a real character when he grows up.

  4. When are we going to see Rupert? How are the boys accepting their new brother?

  5. Hello formerteacher - Rupert may well appear soon. His is now six months, sitting up and showing some of the personality he will grow into. I did not want to just do a baby video, all my videos do have some point, maybe mostly to me, but some point.