Friday, 3 September 2010

Charlie's First Day At School

Today is Charlie's first day at school.  We have just dropped him off and he stays till Lunch time.  All day by next term (not sure how it all works out but it makes sense to ease them in gradually).  It was a very exciting morning.


  1. Charlie, what did you learn at school today?

  2. make sure he doesnt bite the other kids!

  3. Is Charlie and Harry not from Princes Charles and Prince Harry?

  4. no, they were names we liked and agreed on. Our other choices were very alternative but did not make the final cut. Charlie is Charlie, it is not short for Charles. We think he will always be a Charlie! Jasper was a last minute change but a very good one.

  5. he can get on well with other kids

  6. Charlie is cute Harry Handsome Jasper cutie

  7. Jasper is sooooooo cutie Harry is Handsome Jasper kinda hair like Charlie Charlie goes to school What grade Charlie,Jasper and Harry Charlie soppost to be Cherrlite

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