Monday, 6 September 2010

First Day at School for Jasper - Charlie was last Friday

Today really was a special day.  Charlie had started school last week on Friday to introduce him in slowly but today was his first Monday.  Jasper spent his first morning at pre-school. 

The pre-school Jasper is going to is the same pre-school Harry and Charlie went too and they are great there.  Jasper was in excellent hands.  "Jasper No Cry" was what he told me when I got home.


  1. Seems like yesterday that Jasper was born, and he's already going to pre school. How cute is that??

  2. Is Charlie attending pre school or a regular school? It seems as if Jasper is far too young to be in any school. He is just two years old!

  3. hmmmmm....i want to be their teacher....hahahahaa

  4. Love all your posts.. Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. How's your first Monday at school, Charlie? =D Have fun, okay. Don't bite anyone's fingers. ;p

  6. Three Good boys :) your fan from HK!

  7. Charlie is in reception - Jasper in pre-school where they play with other children of the same age which get's them used to the whole environment and helps their social skills. It was a sad day for mummy

  8. Time is always a-flying. HaHa... "Jasper no cry".
    Apple From China.

  9. woah lol jasper growing FAST lol

  10. It's lovely of you to share the lives of your children with the rest of the world (not all of which is kind, but nonetheless, lol). I think I'll get to see the kids grow up for the rest of my life.

  11. Hi! Visiting you here from Singapore.
    Your three boys are very adorable <3
    I followed your blog too xD

  12. Mabuhay from the Philippines!!!
    The Charlie Bit Me Again Video Clip is our fave stress-free clip here in our office.
    It's really nice to see Harry, Charlie as well as Jasper grow up.
    Keep up the siblings-love alive.
    YOu are one great family!!!

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  14. your boys are so adorable! your family is beautiful. congratulations :)


  15. esos niños estan creciendo muy rapido!!....

  16. I don't know why but it always the seems like the very first day on a new job,or the first day of school,is never a good day.But I've learned from experience.It starts out bad,but it gets a lot better.

  17. how i wish to have adorable sons like yours one day!


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