Thursday, 2 September 2010

My First Rollercoaster - Charlie

Last week we took Harry and Charlie to Thorpe Park we started on the Depth Charge which Charlie was not at all impressed with.  However we then moved on to the Flying Fish to discover Charlie has a passion for Rollercoasters :(

I was very lucky to get this picture in the rain, as the ride was starting and without being able to frame it as I was sitting next to Charlie

I think Harry and I (dad) enjoyed Logger's Leap the most as we were not expecting the last big drop.  Either way the day ended with lots of rain but we were already soaked from the rides.

Charlie started the day with a wasp sting while queuing which he dealt with like a trooper.


  1. Brilliant photo :)

    ... and as any true Brit, evidence that fun can still be had despite continual rain :)

    Alice the Brit,
    in Florida where when it rains It is so torrential and the drops are so big that you are drenched to the skin in about 30 seconds ... that took some getting used to having grown up in England where you could take the dogs for a walk in the (drizzle) rain for an hour come home and still only be surface wet :)

  2. wow,,,,,charlie,,,,harry is the best brother,,,,he's embedded with with cute voice

  3. Somehow the rain makes an already beautiful picture even more so....maybe it is a sharper contrast. What darling boys.....from James P.'s wife.

  4. Yes you could be right about the rain, although it was not the greatest at the time :)

  5. Oh, what a great smile! I'm from Brazil and I'm in love with your boys!!! They're so cute!
    Congratulations! You have a beautiful family...

    Kisses and tight hugs from Brazil!

  6. HAHAHA COOL!Are Charlie scared?

  7. What an utterly priceless smile! He lights up the world!

  8. Are you going to upload a video of this?